The Rat Pack

So much talent

What can you say about these three guys, so much quality individually but together they were supreme. It seemed effortless to them when they performed together and so funny and generous to each other.

You can catch some shows on YouTube where they do charity events that will make you laugh and also realise what real talent looks like.

I mentioned in another post how my Uncle Arthur influenced me with his artwork, well he also did the same with music. He had a large gramophone player with a collection of 78s records featuring these singers as well as other crooners of the day, and these were always playing whenever we visited him. Even at 16 years I would buy Sinatra Lps as well as the current pop stars and play them to death on my own record player, but now at 33 speed for Lp records and 45 for the singles.

This painting was done in oils using only black and white to capture the feeling of the era. I used different photos and composed the setting, roughly drawing in the shapes to get the right balance, then painted in the background.

I then worked on each face at a time starting with the eyes again, it’s all in the eyes, then adding other features until I knew I’d captured the look. The hair was very glossy apart from Frank who probably had a wig on by then and just needed accents of white to create that Brylcream look.

All in all I think the painting turned out well.