The Hippodrome, Shildon


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This is where I grew up and every Saturday every kid in town went to the Children’s Film Club where you saw the likes of Laurel and Hardy, Looney Tunes, and a cowboy serial such as The Durango Kid or The Cisco kid. Each serial ended one week with the main star plummeting to his death over a cliff, and the next week he miraculously survived by jumping out of the cart before it went over the cliff.

Malcolm, cos he’s older than me, explained they took two different scenes to make us go back for more. I wish he’d told me back then as I’ve been worried for over 50 years about The Durango Kid as I missed the last episode.

Anyway when the pictures ended, heaven help anyone stood outside the hippodrome as, hundreds of kids, all pretending to be Durango, flew out on to the street and headed for the rec to reenact the film.

This is for all those kids to remember the great times before they closed our picture houses and turned them into bingo halls.

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