Manhattan Solstice, America


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Twice each summer, the sun, Earth, and monuments of human industry create a spectacle of light in New York City called “Manhattanhenge.”
On four days — two before the summer solstice and two after — the sunset aligns perfectly with the city’s gridded streets. The phenomenon’s name is a portmanteau of Stonehenge, which prehistoric people likely built to line up with the sun, and the island of Manhattan.
Unlike Stonehenge, however, Manhattanhenge is a beautiful accident of city planning. If you’re in the right place at the right time, you can watch a floating, orange-hued orb of plasma (our sun) slip perfectly between miles-long corridors of skyscrapers.
I am on with a painting depicting this scene, it’s an abstract acrylic and I intend using the fluorescent paints to add the lights and signs in the street. These are still to do along with the taxis and the people etc.

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